Service Suppliers

Service Suppliers

Türk Loydu, in order to ensure that outsourced inspection, test and control services used during it’s classification and inspection services are carried out in accordance with Türk Loydu or international rules, evaluates the applicant firms for adequacy and if applicable issues Approved Service Supplier Certificate.

Only TÜRK LOYDU Recognized Service Suppliers may provide the following inspection services, if required by TÜRK LOYDU:
  • In-water survey of mobile offshore units by divers
  • In-water survey of ships by divers
  • In-water survey of ships by Remote Operated Vehicle
  • In-water survey of mobile offshore units by Remote Operated Vehicle
  • In-water survey of ships by non-destructive test
  • In-water survey of mobile offshore units by non-destructive test
  • Thickness measurements on ships
  • Testing of closing appliances such as hatches, doors etc. with ultrasonic equipment
  • Inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment and systems
  • Performance testing and maintenance of automatic identification systems (AIS)
  • Inflatable life rafts, inflatable lifejackets, hydrostatic release units, inflatable rescue boats, marine evacuation systems
  • Inspections and testing of radio communication equipment
  • Tightness testing of primary and secondary barriers of gas carriers with membrane cargo containment systems for vessels in service
  • Inspections and maintenance of self contained breathing apparatus
  • Ro-Ro ship's bow, stern, side and inner doors examination
  • Annual performance testing of voyage data recorders (VDR) and Simplified voyage data recorders (S-VDR)
  • Low location lighting systems using photo luminescent materials and evacuation guidance systems used as an alternative to low-location lighting systems
  • Sound pressure level measurements of public address and general alarm systems on board ships
  • Testing of coating systems in accordance with IMO resolution MSC.215(82) as amended and IACS UI SC223 and/or MSC.288(87) as amended
  • Maintenance of Lifeboats, Launching Appliances on Load Release Gear and Davit- Launched Life rafts Automatic Release Hooks
  • Measurements of Noise level Onboard Ships

The companies that want to be approved by TÜRK LOYDU as Service Supplier Company must apply to TÜRK LOYDU completing the suitable application/information form in line with their operating conditions.

Upon successfully completion of the inspection of the Service Supplier Company, with site controls and test application, where applicable, TÜRK LOYDU will issue a Certificate of Approval valid for a maximum period of three (3) years as of the date of inspection, stating that the service results that could be effective on the decision to be made by TÜRK LOYDU Personnel would be acceptable and applicable. The interim inspections will take place at least once a year, in intervals determined by TÜRK LOYDU.

Service Supplier Company will be named in the TÜRK LOYDU Approved Service Supplier Companies List.
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