Türk Loydu Code of Ethics

Türk Loydu Code of Ethics

TÜRK LOYDU is an independent, impartial, reliable, specialized, national organization which renders classification and conformity assessment services; aiming to safeguard life, property and the environment. TÜRK LOYDU lives on its reputation and acceptance of its technical work can only be maintained by continuously proving integrity and competence. The existence of TÜRK LOYDU in the framework of the said its principles, is possible with the activities carried out by the employees. TÜRK LOYDU employees meticulously apply these "Code of Ethics" prepared in line with the principles of confidentiality, integrity, independence and impartiality. “Code of Ethics” aims good faith, integrity and excellence of TÜRK LOYDU employess when carrying out their activities. The execution of these “Code of Ethics” is an important measure for sustainability of TÜRK LOYDU’s reputation. TÜRK LOYDU employees are always conscious of the fact that each activity carried out by them is taken as indicative of TÜRK LOYDU. 

The employees of TÜRK LOYDU;
  • Act in accordance with “Confidentiality, Independence and Impartiality Commitment”.
  • Act in accordance with Company Policy.
  • Carry out work correctly, in due time and in compliance with relevant rules and requirements.
  • Do not issue/ endorse/ stamp any certificate/ document without completing respective service (survey, audit, inspection, plan approval).
  • Fulfill duties with the awareness that they represent the organization and always add to reputation positively and in no way detriments the image of the organization.
  • While fulfilling their duties, behave impartially, respectably and honestly to their colleagues, customers and third parties and in no way share biased, false or incorrect information which would detriment the image of or undermine the reputation of other classification societies/ conformity assessment bodies.
  • While fulfilling duties under dual class, act in coordination with the other society.
  • Do not take on duty for works related to the service request from customers and other parties if there is a personal or a business relation involved. 
  • Shall not engage in activities that may create conflict with their independence of judgement and integrity.
  • Shall be free from any commercial, financial and other pressures which might affect their judgement. In case of contradiction, General Manager will be notified. In case such pressures are reflected to General Manager, Executive Board will be notified.
  • Shall not accept any cash or unpermissible gift and shall not offer this as well.  In case of observing bribery or corruption General Manager will be notified. Note: Business related meals and refreshments of modest cost, advertising and promotional materials (e.g. pen, diary/ planner, plaque, memorable stick etc.) are accepted as permissible gifts.) 
  • Serve to every customer and colleague in the same level of reliability and professionalism. Maintain activities without discrimination.
  • Maintain good customer relationship keeping in mind customer satisfaction without sacrificing or lowering standard of customer service.
  • Endeavor to make progress in their own profession, research and improve themself continuously to enhance their own professional esteem.
  • While performing their profession, regard safety, health, protection of environment and public wealth as being the most important things.
  • Perform their profession by protecting their own honor and honesty.
  • While conducting duties, do not -in any way- transmit or disclose information about the confidentiality of information to third parties, including information about the customer's intellectual property rights and commercial features except when required by applicable  legislation court order, legal proceedings and adherence to Flag State requests all in which the customer is notified or by customer’s authorization. Transparency of Classification and Statutory Information as per IACS requirement does not contradict to the confidentiality principle.
  • Share their endeavor to make progress in their own profession with their staff and colleagues and allow and support them to enhance also, professionally.
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