Türk Loydu Mark to the Railways
Türk Loydu has been authorized as ‘Designated Body’ for assessing national competencies for the railway vehicles by General Directorate of Railway Regulation operating as National Security Authority and Sector Regulation Entity within the Ministry of Transportation and Communication and as ‘Assessing Entity’ for performing activities of certification and assessment within the scope of COTIF.

Protocol of authorization prepared on the basis of article 8 of the Statutory Decree of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication numbered 655, Convention Concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF) registered with the Law numbered 5408 and Regulation on Registration and Registry of Railway Vehicles was undersigned mutually on 06.02.2018 with participation of the authorized persons of Türk Loydu and DDGM.

Türk Loydu was given authorization of ‘Designated Body, De-Bo’ with the protocol signed for performing the transactions of assessment, reporting and certification of railway vehicles in accordance with national competencies. Furthermore Türk Loydu has been authorized as ‘Assessing Entity’ to perform assessment of conformity again for railway vehicles in accordance with the uniform technical prescriptions prepared by Intergovernmental Organization for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF) of which our country is a member.

The meeting where the aforementioned protocol was signed was hosted by Mr. İbrahim Yiğit, DDGM General Manager; Ms. İlksen Tavşanoğlu, Chairman of Safety and Authorization Office and Mr. Saim Kemal Erol, Security Branch Manager; Alper Eralp, General Manager; Ayfer Adıgüzel, Director of Industry and Certification; Hasan Müftüoğlu Manager of Energy and Transportation Department and Özcan Aslan, Director of Railway Projects participated in the meeting for and on behalf of Türk Loydu.

Alper Eralp, General Manager of Türk Loydu Uygunluk Değerlendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş. who made an assessment following the signing ceremony stated that Türk Loydu continued its long term works uninterruptedly in the international arena and added new areas including railway services, nuclear energy and renewable energy in their service ranges and added that in 2018 Türk Loydu would further expand the limits of the services it offers.
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