Turk Loydu Participated at Nuclear Summit
Turk Loydu and Tüv Nord Germany participated in the 5th International Nuclear Power Plants Summit and Fair in Pullman Istanbul Convention Center on 6-7 March. The summit was attended by leading names of the nuclear power industry, together with Turk Loydu and Tüv Nord Germany, strategic partners in the field of nuclear energy, with a promotional stand they opened together.

At the Summit, which is organized by the Nuclear Engineers Association and which has close to 100 Turkish companies from countries that are leading the nuclear industry, mainly South Korea, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, China and Finland, the development of commercial cooperations and sharing of the latest technological developments. 5th International Summit and Exhibition on Nuclear Power Plants, operating reactor and power plant construction company operating internationally with Turkey, the Middle East and organizations also participated wanting to be a part of the nuclear projects in Africa. Throughout the event, Turkish companies became acquainted with the opportunities related to the nuclear industry through the Nuclear Commercial Matching Platform.

President of the Nuclear Engineers Association and President of the International Nuclear Power Plants Summit and Exhibition. Erol Çubukçu, Senior Communication Manager of World Nuclear Association Jonathan Cobb, President of OECD Nuclear Development Unit Henri Paillere and Director of Renaissance Industrial Facilities Nuclear Depot Project Director Aykut Tor's opening talks started with Turk Loydu in the field of exhibition and strategic partners in the field of nuclear energy Tüv Nord, Tüv Nord, to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities within the scope of the nuclear energy sector by opening a joint stand and guaranteeing the conformity of the products, systems and installations within the framework of the legal regulations, quality, work safety, rules, standards and regulations in order to secure the criteria specified in the related specifications information about evaluation activities was given.

With the objective to get rid of dependence on foreign energy supply prepared to take nuclear energy in Turkey; Mersin Akkuyu, whose construction process is continuing, and Sinop nuclear power plants, which are continuing their project works, to evaluate compliance (testing, inspection and documentation) and training services according to the nuclear standards and legislations established for the fast establishment and operation of nuclear power plants, a compliance known to the world nuclear energy field activity conducted by Germany based on the international ratings agency TÜV Nord Germany and Turkey and Turkey last year between the national conformity assessment bodies of the Turkish Lloyd, has signed a tripartite cooperation protocol.

Cem Melikoglu, the President of the Turk Loydu Foundation who made a statement at the fair, said that they wanted to take part in the Turk Loydu in all of the recent mega infrastructure projects in our country and that they would like to take part as a national organization in the activities related to the nuclear power plants which will open up new horizons in order to meet the energy need of our country. for their cooperation with TÜV Nord, one of the major conformity assessment bodies in nuclear energy with international experience.
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