Double Victories From Turk Loydu

Turk Loydu to Become President of NSCA (International Naval Ship Classification Association)

Turk Loydu has been elected as vice president for one term and as president for the next term in the general assembly meeting of NSCA- Naval Ship Classification Association that was held on 14 October 2019 in Germany.  

NSCA- International Naval Ship Classification Association was founded in 2001 for the purpose of establishing coordination between classification societies that carry out operations in the military field in NATO-member states, and it consists of seven member including Turk Loydu, ABS, DNV GL, LR as of 2019.  Turk Loydu is an active member of NSCA to which it jointed in 2004 and has significant contribution in working groups and naval ship rules that are developed. 
In NSCA General Assembly where Turk Loydu was represented by Lutfu Savaskan, General Manager, and Bekir Sitki Turkmen, Manager of Rule Development and Legislation Department, discussions were conducted about contribution of association and individual classification societies in environmental matters and extension of MARPOL-related comments NSCA submitted to INSA in 2018.

Turk Loydu Becomes Member of INSA (International Naval Safety Association) Council
INSA (International Naval Safety Association) that is considered peer of the International Maritime Organization-IMO in defence industry held a general assembly meeting in 15-16 October 2019 in Germany.
Drawing attention with its superior success in defence industry vessels, Turk Loydu delegates have been acclaimed with its performance in INSA general assembly meeting held in Germany. 

In the meeting, discussions were held on changing the management structure, NSC (Naval Ship Code), NSubc (Naval Submarine Code) and how to develop other codes such as Naval Boat Code in the future through technical committees.  Taking IMO’s structure as an example, decision of transformation has been accepted by unanimous votes in INSA that adopted a new management structure.  As a result of this change, an assembly consisting of all INSA members, a council responsible for administration of this assembly and a separate management committee for each technical group have been determined.  During challenging elections, Turk Loydu drew attention with its successful stance by becoming one of the four organizations that took a role in critical councils that manage INSA and also taking active roles in working groups.
Technical team of Turk Loydu will continue displaying its high performance previously shown about stability, fire and environment working groups, also in other various working groups in the upcoming terms and it will contribute both national rules and rules of NATO. 
International Naval Safety Association- INSA to which Turk Loydu is a member since 2012 is an association that was founded in 2008 for the purpose of maintaining works conducted in 2004-2007 by NATO.  Assuming the duty of developing Naval Ship Code- an international code aimed to ensure safety of naval ships- since the date it was founded, INSA consists of seven classification societies including Turk Loydu and navy of 13 states (Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and United Kingdom).  INSA maintains the development of sub-marine code since 2013 as is done with the naval ships, and it accelerated its operations on prevention of pollution caused by naval ships in the recent years. Turk Loydu attends annual meetings of INSA for which it took a role in administrative committee for one term and it supports working groups created in INSA in various fields.

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