Turk Loydu Maintains Paris MoU “High Performance” Status

Turk Loydu advances to 8th position in the worldwide “Recognised Organisations Performance Table” announced by Paris MoU.

Turk Loydu was announced once again as "High Performance" Recognised Organization by Paris MoU, as it has been for the last 13 years. Turk Loydu advanced one position up and placed on the 8th position on the High Performance Table, as every year for the last 13 years and passed a number of well-known classification societies as well as some IACS members. Turk Loydu is the only non-IACS classification society announced as High Performance by Paris MoU.

Türk Loydu has achieved the Top 8 this years performance table and continues to increase its quality standards and service quality each year thanks to its expert technical staff. It is noteworthy that the Port State Controls carried out on Türk Loydu class ships have resulted with no detentions since 2015, due to Türk Loydu responsiblity. Türk Loydu has passed behind many well-known class organizations as well as some ambitious IACS member class organizations. With this performance, Türk Loydu contributed to the status of the Turkish Flag in the Paris MoU White Flag list.

As a result of the experience and expertise of the Türk Loydu regarding the Port State Control Inspections and announcement of "High Performance" by the Paris MoU, ships within the the Turk Loydu fleet are under less supervision at the ports of the Paris MoU member countries and they are less likely to experience problems during Port State Control Inspections.

Türk Loydu is a Classification Society and a Conformity Assessment Body, performing classification and statutory services, inspection, certification and notified body activities, has constituted and been managing its organization to protect independence and impartiality values and maintain the continuity of improvement. Türk Loydu as an applicant Classification Society for IACS and a Recognized Organization; provides services within the following scope; Classification of New Building Ships and Ships in Service, Statutory Work carried out on behalf of nominated Flag Administrations, Certification of Marine Products, Research and Rule Development Activities. Turk Loydu remains as the only non-IACS classification society, whose classification rules have been approved by IMO.

For further information please contact Turk Loydu External Affairs Division

Mr. Mehmet AVCI – External Affairs Manager


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