Turk Loydu 2019 Annual Report Published

We successfully left behind a year in which we took part in many mega projects and important activities in terms of our strategic goals and succeeded in taking important steps, despite the fluctuations in the global and regional economy as the national class organization of our country;

In 2019, we continued to grow and develop in all the sectors we serve. While we increased the volume of our traditional classification and conformity assessment services, we also worked to prepare our company for the future.

We have great advantages in every field we serve with our managerial and working staff, the researching spirit that we have been missioned from past to present, our structure that is always open to innovations and our ability to apply.

We will embrace our current and ongoing works without compromising our innovative and always open structure and we will continue to add value to our stakeholders and our ecosystem in all the sectors we serve. In 2020, which will be difficult, it will be our highest priority as usual to develop our foundation, companies, talent pool and investments with the right planning in order to use these advantages in the most efficient way for the future.

We would like to thank all our stakeholders and valuable employees who believe in us, work without compromising their duties and responsibilities in 2019.

You can access our electronic version of the report or download it, which includes our activities, successes and events during 2019, through the link below.

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