The fifth meeting and the Final Conference of Skills Beyond The Seas project were held in Barcelona on 13-14 October

The fifth meeting of the Skills Beyond The Seas project took place on 13 October 2021 and the Final Conference on 14 October 2021 in Barcelona. 

At the meeting on October 13, participants from Türk Loydu, Barcelona University Maritime Faculty, Sea-Teach, Danmar and Rijeka University Maritime Faculty planned the final conference of the Skills Beyond The Seas project.
The Final Conference of the Skills Beyond The Seas project was held on October 14, 2021, hosted by the project partner University of Barcelona.

Skills Beyond The Seas project, an “Erasmus+ KA2 Vocational Education Strategic Partnerships” project supported by the European Union and the Spanish National Agency was promoted by Türk Loydu and project partners from Spain, Poland and Croatia to valuable guests.

The Skills Beyond the Seas Project will offer information and guidance for mid- to long-term career planning to Active Seafarers, Students of Maritime Education and Training (MET) and Disadvantaged youths.

For seafarers and those who aim to be seafarers the project will provide the SkillsPath Tool with a detailed list of their formal skills, analyse and validate through the Informal Skills Scanner their informal transversal skills and suggest career pathways to other occupations where their comprehensive skills profile is needed.
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