World's First All-Electric and Zero-Emission Tugboat Gisaş Power, which was built according to Turk Loydu classification rules, was awarded as the 'Best Tugboat' in the Competition Organized by International Tug & Salvage Magazine.

The results of the International Tug & Salvage Magazine's best tugboat vote have been revealed and Gisaş Power won the "Best Tugboat" award organized by International Tug & Salvage Magazine.

Built according to Türk Loydu classification rules, "Gisaş Power" was designed by Navtek and built at TK Tuzla Shipyard. The tug has an overall length of 18.7m, a full width of 6.7m and a speed of 10 knots.

Gisaş Power gets all its power from two 1.450 kW lithium-ion batteries. Gisaş Power, which is fully electric, is expected to save 210 tons of CO2 emissions and 9 tons of NOx emissions per year. A new Energy Management System (STEMS) was also designed for Gisaş Power, which was designed and manufactured according to Türk Loydu rules. In the tests, the tug was able to exceed the target pulling power of 30 tons with a maximum towing of 32 tons.

At this stage, Türk Loydu started to develop its own rules for lithium-ion battery powered boats. With the development in battery technology in the future, Türk Loydu is focusing on the classification of battery powered small passenger boats, large passenger ferries and other relevant ship types.

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