Türk Loydu Has Opened The First Remote Survey Center

The COVID-19 global pandemic has challenged the maritime industry in many ways, including the failure to conduct surveys, inspections and tests. This quickly increased the need for surveys to be done remotely, and some surveyor visits could be made without the surveyors physically visiting the ship or facility.

Türk Loydu offers new digital services that provide equivalent reliability without the burden of time, money and resources in order to be able to carry out certain surveys remotely effectively. Developing remote survey opportunities with these services, Türk Loydu partners with remote survey platform Marinspector and RealWear, the world's first hands-free wearable computer provider. In addition to these technological and digital opportunities, the Remote Survey Center was put into service within the head office of Türk Loydu in Istanbul to support the remote survey capacity.

With the newly established remote Survey Center, real-time video images are shared between the ship or facility at a remote location and the surveyors of Türk Loydu.
The main advantages of conducting remote surveys with Türk Loydu are:
  • Providing the opportunity to conduct surveys without being affected by travel restrictions,
  • Providing the opportunity for different experts and observers to participate in the survey at the same time,
  • Protecting the health of employees by following social distance rules,
  • Reducing travel time and associated costs,
  • More scheduling flexibility,
  • A single collection point for photos, videos and documents
As Türk Loydu, we make great efforts to strengthen our digital infrastructure and improve our processes. In order to accelerate our classification processes, we will continue to improve our working tools by making the necessary investments in software that will facilitate and modernize the business process.
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