Class Certificate of TCG Anadolu which was build according to Türk Loydu Naval Ship Classification Rules, was delivered.

Ordered by Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Defence Industry Agency (DIA); Class certificate of TCG Anadolu Ship, built by Sedef Shipyard under the supervision of Türk Loydu, was delivered at a ceremony held at Sedef Shipyard Headquarters. 

Cem Melikoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Türk Loydu Foundation, made a speech at the delivery ceremony of the interim(?) class certificate of TCG Anadolu Ship, the construction and classification of which began with the contract signed in 2015, held at Sedef Shipyard Headquarters on 20 December 2022; Emphasizing that Türk Loydu has successfully participated in more than 200 military projects in 26 years, and that Türk Loydu's success in military projects has been reinforced with the TCG Anadolu Project, which was added to the inventory of our Navy, he expressed their pride and happiness.

Metin Kalkavan, Chief Executive Officer of Sedef Shipyard; He said that in this challenging project, which is a first in its class, a successful work was produced thanks to the cooperation of Türk Loydu's expert staff and administrators, and that the dedication and hard work put forth in the project carried Türk Loydu and Sedef Shipyard further and opened the horizon for new projects.

Sedef Shipyard Chairman of the Executive Board Metin Kalkavan, Sedef Shipyard Board Member Orkun Kalkavan, Sedef Shipyard General Manager Erkan Mete, Sedef Shipyard Defense Industry Projects Director Osman Yurtsever, Sedef Shipyard Defense Industry Projects Manager Selim Buğdanoğlu, Sedef Shipyard Military Projects Construction Coordinator Turan Çubuğuuzun, Sedef Shipyard Design Manager Caner Sarıoğlu, Sedef Shipyard Operations Director Basri Noyan Kocuk and, Türk Loydu Foundation Chairman of the Board Cem Melikoğlu, Türk Loydu General Manager Lütfü Savaşkan, Türk Loydu Foundation Treasurer Board Member Ferhat Acuner, Türk Loydu Foundation Board Member İlker Özyıldız, Türk Loydu Defense Industry Coordinator Erhan Apak, Türk Loydu Naval Ship Projects Coordinator Seyhan Özkan, attendent the ceremony.

TCG Anadolu, the multi-purpose amphibious assault ship with 27,436 loaded displacement tonnages and 231 meters length, will able to carry 8 fully equipped helicopters and can transport a battalion of full-fledged soldiers to desired location. It is expected that the ship, which suitable for intercontinental missions, will actively continue duties in Aegean, Mediterranean and Black seas.

TCG Anadolu with 12 degree slope, will facilitate the take-off of warplanes from its top deck and will facilitate the use of aircraft other than helicopters. Many domestically produced systems will be used in TCG Anadolu, which will be the largest ship of the Turkish Navy in terms of tonnage and size.

A version pf the ATAK-2 project for naval platforms is being worked on as air power, but expected that 10 AH-1W attack helicopters transferred from Land Forces to Naval Forces will deployed on the ship until the project is completed. Also Baykar is developing a vertical take-off and conventional take-off UCAV's and UAV's for TCG Anadolu, and it has recently been announced that it will be ready within a year.

The ship, which will be used as a multi-purpose amphibious assault ship, has the capacity to carry 1,400 people. It will be able to an amphibious battalion without the need for communication, combat and support vehicles land desired location. TCG Anadolu, which apart from its 700-person amphibious force, can to host eight sea landing craft, has a military hospital with a capacity of at least thirty beds, including an operating room, dental treatment units, intensive care and infection rooms.
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