Türk Loydu Classed Qatar Navy Landing Crafts Delivered.
Constructed by Anadolu Shipyard for the Qatar Navy within the framework of Türk Loydu Naval Ship Classification Rules, under the control of Türk Loydu; 4 Landing Crafts, including 1 Fast Amphibious Ship (LCT), 2 Mechanized Landing Crafts (LCM) and 1 Vehicle and Personnel Landing Vehicle (LCVP), were delivered to the Qatar Navy at the same time.

A ceremony was held and the Qatari flag was hoisted on the ships, which were completed in a short period of 22 months, with a ceremony held under the auspices of a 20-person delegation from Qatar. The ships will sail to Qatar after 6 weeks of sea training.

The QL41 ISHAT and QL40 BROOG landing craft, which can successfully perform amphibious and humanitarian aid operations in shallow waters thanks to their special design, are the largest and fastest LCMs in the world.

With the machine and jet system specially developed for its design, the maneuverability of ships with very high speed at sea is also superior to similar ships. The capacity to load two 60-ton tanks with a carrying capacity of 130 tons puts these ships in a very special class.

Süalp Ürkmez, Chairman of Anadolu Shipyard, who made a speech at the ceremony; talked about the characteristics of the ships and thanked Türk Loydu, which approved the entire design of the ships as an independent classification society and performed the manufacturing controls.

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