Construction Works of Sea Supply Combat Support Ship TCG DERYA Continues at Full Speed
The construction works and Turk Loydu classification process of the Marine Supply Combat Support Ship (DIMDEG) TCG DERYA, continues at full speed at Sefine Shipyard. Ordered by the Presidency of Defense Industries, the ship is being built in accordance with the Türk Loydu Naval Ship Classification Rules.

The combat systems components of the project, designed by the private sector, are provided in partnership with @aselsan @havelsan_resmi. Türk Loydu is carriying out the classification of DIMDEG, which is designed to have the capacity to meet the fuel oil, water, food, spare parts, medical supplies, and ammunition supply needs, including helicopter fuel, by means of replenishment at sea, besides its supply capabilities, together with combat ships such as MİLGEM and LHD, It will also be able to perform the Command and Control Ship duty during missions at sea and beyond the ocean.

The 26,000-ton Sea Supply Combat Support Ship TCG Derya, which is planned to be the second largest support ship in Turkish navy when completed, has a length of 199.9 meters and a width of 24.4 meters. While the displacement weight of the ship is 26 thousand tons, its speed can reach 24 knots.

DIMDEG, which will be a proud project for Türk Loydu, which has gained great experience and success with its more than 200 military project classification services, will carry out peace support, maritime control, natural disaster relief, search and rescue operations, evacuation of non-combatants in line with the needs of the Naval Forces Command. She is built in order to carry out the tasks of carrying out the logistics support activities. The ship, which is planned to be delivered to the Naval Forces Command when its construction is completed, will be one of the largest ships in the inventory.

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