The Pakistan MILGEM Project reached a significant milestone as the fourth and final ship, PNS TARIQ, was ceremoniously launched at the Karachi Shipyard.

The MILGEM corvettes, constructed in accordance with the Turk Loydu Naval Classification Rules by the main contractor ASFAT, boast a versatile design tailored to excel in surface, air, and submarine defense operations. Additionally, they are equipped for reconnaissance, asymmetric threat defense, and command control tasks. With an impressive length of 108.2 meters and a maximum width of 14.8 meters, these ships offer excellent stability and maneuverability. Their displacement of 2,400 tons and draft of 4.1 meters further enhance their performance capabilities.
Propelled by two diesel engines and one gas turbine, the MILGEM corvettes can reach an impressive speed of 26 knots, making them agile and suitable for a variety of missions.
As the project nears its completion, Turk Loydu continues to strengthen its position in the defense industry, not just within Turkey but also on the international stage. With a vast array of references and extensive experience, Turk Loydu remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for naval defense.
The successful launch of PNS TARIQ marks a moment of pride for Pakistan and reinforces its commitment to bolstering its naval capabilities in safeguarding its waters and defending its interests.

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