Hicri Ercili Shipyard Successfully Delivers Submarine Floating Dock to Turkish Naval Forces

Hicri Ercili Shipyard announced the successful delivery of a cutting-edge Submarine Floating Dock to the esteemed Turkish Naval Forces. This remarkable feat showcases Turkiye's growing prominence in the shipbuilding industry and its commitment to enhancing its naval capabilities.

The state-of-the-art Submarine Floating Dock, boasting an impressive 3000-ton capacity, was meticulously constructed under the supervision of Turk Loydu at Hicri Ercili Shipyard. Built in accordance with Turk Loydu Naval Classification Rules, this floating dock sets a new standard for excellence and precision in maritime engineering.

In a momentous handover ceremony on June 1, 2023, the Submarine Floating Dock, developed under the auspices of ASFAT, was officially transferred to the Turkish Naval Forces Command. This extraordinary achievement further solidifies Turkiye's determination to fortify its naval infrastructure and reinforces its position as a formidable maritime power.

Designed to facilitate seamless construction, maintenance, and repair operations, the Submarine Floating Dock will be primarily utilized at Gölcük Naval Shipyard. Its innovative retractable roof system guarantees functionality regardless of atmospheric conditions, ensuring expedited submarine construction and repair processes.

The groundbreaking project first commenced on August 19, 2020, at the Hicri Ercili Shipyard, marked by a momentous steel cutting and first welding ceremony. Impressively engineered to withstand the harshest maritime environments, the Submarine Floating Dock possesses remarkable specifications. With a robust wind resistance of 100 knots, it enables secure operations in challenging weather conditions. Further enhancing its capabilities, this engineering marvel can dive to maximum depths for up to 75 minutes. Boasting a length of 105 meters, a width of 25.1 meters, and an imposing height of 19.95 meters, the floating dock stands as a testament to Turkiye's domestic and national shipbuilding prowess.

Turk Loydu, a key contributor to this remarkable achievement, takes immense pride in its involvement in domestic and national projects within Turkiye. This collaboration exemplifies Turkiye's dedication to fostering indigenous expertise and propelling the Turkish shipbuilding industry to new heights.

The delivery of the Submarine Floating Dock marks a significant milestone for Turkiye, reinforcing its position as a global leader in maritime engineering. With this exceptional addition to its naval infrastructure, the Turkish Naval Forces Command will undoubtedly strengthen its capabilities and safeguard its maritime interests with unwavering confidence.

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