Significant Development in Turk Loydu’s IACS Membership Efforts

Turk Loydu has received Statement of Compliance under the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Quality Management Certification System.
With the attestation of compliance of Turk Loydu to the IACS Quality Management Certification System (QSCS), Turk Loydu has met the most important criteria required for IACS membership and has taken a significant step towards becoming a member of IACS.

IACS QSCS, which is a mandatory quality management system certification standard for IACS member classification societies and classification societies wishing to become a member, is considered as the "Gold Standard" for classification societies. IACS QSCS is a special oversight and certification program developed and adopted by IACS in 1991. Since its implementation, the development, maintenance, and continuous improvement of QSCS has represented a significant effort by IACS and its members.
The principal objective of QSCS, which contains the procedures, processes, and practices of the scheme, is to verify that every classification society obliged to comply with QSCS has developed its own internal quality management system, satisfying the requirements set out in IACS Quality Management System Requirements (IQMSR). IQMSR is an integral part of the QSCS. IQMSR is the management standard against which the classification society is audited.  It is based on ISO 9001:2015, supplemented by specific requirements that characterise and are relevant to the work of classification societies. 
The audits of IACS members, and those classification societies considering applying for membership of IACS, are conducted by independent accredited certification bodies (ACBs) that must also meet clear, transparent criteria to ensure the audits are conducted to a robust standard,  consistent across the IACS members and applicants.

In 2022, Turk Loydu successfully completed the audits conducted by independent accredited certification body DEKRA, with the participation of IACS observers. Turk Loydu received the IACS QSCS Statement of Compliance published by DEKRA and countersigned by IACS, completing a significant milestone towards IACS membership.

Dedicated to safe ships and clean seas, IACS makes a unique contribution to maritime safety and regulation through technical support, compliance verification and research and development. More than 90% of the world's cargo carrying tonnage is covered by the classification design, construction and through-life compliance rules and standards set by the eleven Member Societies of IACS.

Turk Loydu supports IACS's mission for safe ships and clean seas and shares the commitment to maintaining professional integrity and high professional standards.

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