History of the Türk Loydu Foundation

History of the Türk Loydu Foundation

Türk Loydu was established in a small room which belongs to the Chamber of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers at the Galata Passenger Lounge on February 27 and 28, 1962, by the Chamber of Marine Engineers of TMMOB. With the legal regulation made in 1966, Türk Loydu gained the status of a foundation. 

As a result of its efforts to become a recognized institution since the 1960s, the Türk Loydu Foundation overcame its most basic obstacle by gaining the status of "National Recognized Classification Society" in 1981 and signed many important projects with the authority given. 

With the amendment of the charter made in 1986, the foundation organs were reorganized. Türk Loydu Foundation established companies and representation offices during this process and the Izmir and Ankara Regional Offices were opened in 1992. 

The foundations of the experience and competence that have been gained in the defence industry sector today were laid In 1993 and the classification services of TCG Yarbay Kudret, the very first naval ship classed by Turk Loydu has started. 

As the scope of its activities expanded, more space was needed for its work, and the Türk Loydu Foundation moved from its building in Tophane to the Tuzla Shipyards Area in 1996. 

At the beginning of 1998, the Türk Loydu Foundation's duties were limited to fulfilling noble objectives only, and "Türk Loydu Foundation Economic Enterprise" was established under the foundation and management organs to carry out its activities. 

In 2001, the Türk Loydu became the first national organization accredited under the ISO 17021 standard by obtaining accreditation from SWEDAC. 

In addition to the domestic representations, the Türk Loydu Foundation accelerated its overseas activities and established representation offices in Greece and Italy in 2003.
In 2005, the MİLGEM Project, which is an important milestone in the Naval Ship Renewal Project initiated by Turkiye was launched and Türk Loydu gained authorization in scope the MİLGEM Project. 

By 2006, the Türk Loydu Foundation appeared for the first time on the Paris Mou High-Performance List and was registered as an organization by the European Union. In 2007, the most important strategic goal was established to become a member of IACS. 

During 2009 Türk Loydu was accredited both by SWEDAC and TÜRKAK and continued to achieve significant success with its motto: "Independent, impartial, reliable, and expert." 

During the process of the efforts to become a member of IACS, Türk Loydu’s Classification Society status has been confirmed by IACS in 2011. 

In 2014, TL Technical R&D Company was established to emphasize R&D activities and an office was setup within Teknopark Istanbul. 

The classification agreement for TCG Anadolu, which is our country's largest naval ship, was signed in 2015. 

Turk Loydu has opened its first overseas offices in Romania, Azerbaijan and Cyprus on 2015.

In 2017, Türk Loydu Foundation Economic Enterprise was converted into Türk Loydu Conformity Assessment Services Joint Stock Company in compliance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code to strengthen the organisations impartiality and independence.

Today, the Türk Loydu Foundation, whose goal is to provide technical development in the maritime and industry sectors, serves its objectives by its companies and the knowledge and experience of its expert staff.
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