Information Security Management System Policy

Information Security Management System Policy

Türk Loydu top management is committed to;
  • Establish ISMS objectives and policies in line with the company's strategic direction,
  • Maintain ISMS in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets,
  • Comply with legal requirements, applicable ISMS requirements and the needs and expectations of relevant parties,
  • Carry out ISMS, based on analyzing and managing risks,
  • Announce the importance of effective information security management and compliance with the requirements of the information security management system,
  • Ensure to achieve the targeted outputs of the ISMS,
  • Guide and support employees in order to contribute to the effectiveness of the ISMS,
  • Ensure the accessibility of the resources required for ISMS,
  • Ensure continuous improvement and taking part in improvement activities,
  • Support other management roles so that they can demonstrate their leadership in their areas of responsibility,
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