Türk Loydu Nuclear Safety Policy

Türk Loydu Nuclear Safety Policy

Türk Loydu Top Management is committed to;
  • Set protection from radiation and safety as its first priority in activities related with nuclear,
  • Maintain its impartiality, independence, confidentiality and reliability,
  • Provide effective leadership and management for nuclear safety, including demonstrating behavior that reinforces high nuclear safety standards,
  • Acknowledging that employees are responsible and accountable for nuclear safety, and will make decisions in line with the highest level of ethical values and technical knowledge
  • Embrace organizational learning and development,
  • Implement an effective training and qualification system in order to ensure the continuity of highly qualified technical staff,
  • Ensure that our managers and employees at all levels focus on reaching and maintaining highest standards of nuclear safety and performance improvement,
  • To ensure that decisions at all relevant levels affecting nuclear safety are rational, objective, transparent and prudent,
  • Adopt and put into use the processes and principles that form the fundamentals of nuclear safety in interactions between its employees and stakeholders,
  • Continuously improve its executive leadership, institutional competence, decision-making process and performance in line with the lessons learned from internal and external sources, regarding nuclear safety,
  • To actively include its employees and their technical knowledge and operational expertise in the development of solutions and planning processes in the nuclear field,
  • Maintain effective processes, systems and regulations that incorporate supreme technical and managerial practices related with nuclear safety,
  • Ensure that the infrastructure used in carrying out its activities are solid, the relevant procedures are accurate, and that its employees are reliable, competent and properly experienced,
  • Employ full-time employee in regard of project management,
  • Ensure effective understanding of hazards, risks and their control through a comprehensive and systematic assessment process,
  • Protect its employees from retaliation in scope of reporting incidents, dangers, risks and opportunities,
  • Check the reasonably practicable procedures for controlling the risks arising from radiation, including accidents, are applied and maintained,
  • Check that the procedures for emergency preparedness and response are implemented and maintained,
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