Türk Loydu Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy

Türk Loydu Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy

Türk Loydu is committed to;

  • Ensuring independence, impartiality, confidentiality and reliability,
  • Complying with “TL Code of Ethics”, 
  • Delivering services in accordance with applicable legislation, rules, standards as well as the terms and conditions specified by customers and needs and expectations of relevant interested parties,
  • Contributing to safety of life and property and environmental protection by means of the rules developed and services performed,
  • Ensuring high-level motivation of its personnel to achieve company's objectives and acting in line with strategic direction of the company,
  • Eager to obtaining new authorizations and international recognitions and maintaining them in order to meet customers’ expectations in line with international market requirements,
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by offering on-time and equally accessible service to all customers according to their expectations,
  • Ensuring effective training and qualification system to maintain a high level of technical personnel,
  • Managing of risks and opportunities associated with context of the company and service processes,
  • Providing a healthy and safe environment and adequate resources to personnel in order to prevent injuries, ill health and to ensure their safety,
  • Requiring that adequate resources are provided by customers to allow work to be undertaken safely,
  • Giving its personnel the right and responsibility to refuse to conduct work in cases endangering their health and safety, until it is safe to do so,
  • Ensuring the participation and consultations of employees and employee representatives when making decisions on health and safety issues,
  • Supporting the activities of the Occupational Health and Safety Board,
  • Protecting employees from retaliation when reporting events, hazards, risks and opportunities
  • Providing a high level of occupational safety and health and environment protection awareness to personnel,
  • Ensuring that environmental impacts of activities carried out are evaluated and adverse effects are minimized and environment is protected,
  • Use of resources sustainably,
  • And continually improving the effectiveness of its HSEQ performance, through suitable performance indicators and objectives by performing periodical reviews.
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