Organizational Resilience Capability Assessment

Organizational Resilience Capability Assessment

It was in the early 2000s that the concept of "resilience" began to be defined and discussed in its current sense by academic circles. With the definition of ISO (International Organization for Standardization), "Organizational Resilience" is the ability of an organization to absorb and adapt to changing environmental conditions.

Today, standards related to Organizational Resilience have been published and sub-group standards continue to be developed.

Change takes place so rapidly and suddenly that it is no longer possible to make long-term strategic plans under the current conditions. In the past, 10-year and 5-year plans could be made, albeit with a certain deviation, but now this estimation cannot be made even for the next 2-3 years...

According to the researches, while the organizations in the S&P 500 list existed for about 33 years in 1965, this period is expected to decrease to 5 years after 2030. In other words, the condition of existence in the future is "organizational resilience"!

Cranfield University defines organizational resilience as "the ability of an organization to anticipate ever-increasing needs for change and emerging threats, prepare for, respond quickly, and adapt to any new situation that may be encountered so that it can survive and improve its long-term well-being."

All of this requires academia, business people and leaders to think, study and develop models for resilience. Models developed so far have been built on the basis of identifying criteria that would describe organizations' organizational resilience. In this way, organizational leaders understood organizational resilience metrics, but had difficulty taking action because they could not measure themselves. In fact, according to a study conducted on this subject, 88% of the leaders who participated in the survey stated that the Organizational Resilience approach is a priority for their organizations; while 76% said that Organizational Resilience is a prerequisite for long-term growth, only 29% stated that Organizational Resilience principles are applied in their organizations.

Türk Loydu, which closely follows the trends in the world and works to inform and position the sector and its stakeholders on relevant issues, also takes a pioneering step in the field of Organizational Resilience. Türk Loydu determined that organizations should be introduced to this concept and first of all, measure themselves, and to fill this gap, Arden Education and Management Coaching Ltd. (

Arden is the exclusive representative in Türkiye of the American-based ICOR (The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience Foundation, which is a worldwide leader in training, research, publication, measurement and certification related to Organizational Resilience.
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